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 September cake ride

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September cake ride Empty
PostSubject: September cake ride   September cake ride EmptySun Sep 01, 2019 6:52 pm

Good turnout today and some old faces as well nice to see you Mick.
Gary was feeling a bit ashamed that he whimped out on the hills the other week so took his gang to Frocester and lampern. Not sure if they are back yet (writing this at 18.35) But we never saw them all day.
We had a pretty stiff breeze on the way out but didnt seem to make much of a differance as we seemed to be bowling along at a pretty good pace.
The Army were practicing killing people at Beachy barracks which accounted for all the sudden bangs I thought that the Fairy had joined us but we all got over safely.Met Simon at the Chepstow side of the bridge as he had battled his way from his place into the wind. I hope you are all sat down when you read this ,as when we appered at the English side of the bridge there was none other than MARTIN! Yes he is still alive just! mind you he did have to draft me most of the way to the cake stop. met some very silly people who must of thought there were bears about as they were running!!! along the Naite .Soon got out the way of them, very strange people .We dont have bears over here so why were they running ? There wasnt even any busses to catch, all beyond me.
Bit of the old wheel drafting as we approched the cake stop with Dave trying to steal a march on Ken for the sprint jersey but he went to early and was soon left behind .i think even I got there before him.
After a fill of cake and cups of tea I cheated and jumped in my van and shot of home as I had promised the Lady I would be home early .BUT I did drive to Hill this morning and rode to the start so still got some decent miles in.
The group split up a bit at Hill with some going back the usual route Simon heading back over the bridge and the others wandering up towards Berkeley for some extra hills and miles. Make hay whilst the sun shines and all that.And we were very lucky with that as well with just a few drops of rain whereas some places seemed to have a fair drop.
All in all anothe great day with you lot and very enjoyable social ride as usual.
Not really 100% sure what is happening next week .There is a chance that I might be away should know more tomorrow so will post then.
Dave said he might have a think and try and sort something so watch this space.Mind you being a Kiwi and not knowing his lefts from his rights it might be an exciting ride affraid affraid

“We can't just drop everything, sir!"
"Mister Lipwig. Is there something in the word 'tyrant' you do not understand?”
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September cake ride
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