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 Lisa's last ride with us for some time

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Lisa's last ride with us for some time  Empty
PostSubject: Lisa's last ride with us for some time    Lisa's last ride with us for some time  EmptyMon Oct 21, 2019 3:06 pm

As it is Lisa's last ride with us for a while i asked her today where she would like to go and the reply was "over the bridge Tintern etc." So with Louisa chucking in food stop at the Red Door it's off we go. I have tried to keep the climbing down and as short as i can but it's very hard when we go that way . If you really want to come why not drive to the Bridge and join us there?
DON'T FORGET THE CLOCKS GO BACK NEXT WEEK so we will not be staying to long also you might want to consider fitting "get me home lights" It is saying lighting up at just before 17.00hrs .

You could start from the Bridge to make this a shorter ride

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Lisa's last ride with us for some time
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